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Top 5 Destinations 2024!


Beautiful, brash Jamaica is much more than beaches and swaying palm trees. A sensual land of bright colours, soulful rhythms and unfailing creativity, the island retains an attitude – a personality – that’s more resonant and distinctive than you’ll find in any other Caribbean nation. There’s certainly plenty of white sand and gin-clear sea to enjoy, but away from the coast are spectacular mountains and rivers, tumbling waterfalls and cactus-strewn savannah plains. This verdant natural environment forms the backdrop to a dynamic cultural history in the island’s towns and cities, illustrated most vividly by the explosive reggae scene, but also in the powerful expression of its artwork and the startlingly original flavours of its national cuisine.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Just south of Cancún sits Mexico's Riviera Maya, a region full of tempting travel offerings. Here, visitors will find one of the world's largest barrier reefs lurking just off the coast, Mayan ruins touching powder-soft sand in Tulum, a buzzing nightlife scene in Playa del Carmen, and sea turtles floating majestically in the waters of Akumal. Throw in miles and miles of pristine beaches and it's easy to see why this Mexican Caribbean coastal gem draws hordes of admirers. Ready to be one of them? Pack your swimwear and bookmark our curated guide to this deservedly hyped region in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

Paris's seductive charms are legendary, and for good reason. Inviting sidewalk cafes, gleaming boutiques, world-class museums, endless things to do, and a fabled restaurant scene make Paris the runway model of cities—beautiful, fashionable, confident, and inspiring envy at every turn. But with expectations running so high, Paris can—it's true—occasionally disappoint. When you find yourself elbow-to-elbow with throngs of tourists tucking into yet another overpriced meal, you'll wonder how the Paris that travelers fall in love with has proved so elusive. Unless, that is, you read and discover how to avoid the top mistakes first-timers make in the City of Light. Because we've been there, we compiled our list of the things not to do in Paris—and what to do instead. 




If you're planning a western European vacation and want to add a unique destination, consider a stop in Portugal. With beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, and citizens who welcome tourists with open arms, it's little wonder that Portugal is rapidly becoming a popular vacation destination. Located on the Iberian peninsula right next to Spain, Portugal is easy to access for American or European travelers and has a reputation for being a family-friendly destination. However, it still feels exotic and exciting, thanks to miles of sun-kissed coasts, cobblestone streets, and fairytale castles.


Sailing in Greece is a richly rewarding experience. A trip on the calm Greek waters, on your own or a chartered yacht, offers you the possibility to sail among extremely beautiful clusters of islands, to anchor in naturally protected bays of rare beauty, to visit inaccessible beaches and to swim with safety in exceptionally clear and transparent waters.
An insider's tip: the best period for those who wish to sail during winter, is the “Alkyonides” days, the so-called “short summer”, in the middle of January. This is a good time to appreciate the beauty of stunning seascapes, picturesque villages, archaeological sites, and wonderful pine-clad landscapes. In the serene atmosphere of the islands enjoy real Greece as you mingle with the locals in tavérnas and in “kafeneía”, and become part of the true “Island culture”. Feel free to create your own itinerary; sailing really is the only way to get away from it all!

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