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Hello there!

I am Teresa Tidwell-Smith; my love for travel started years ago and throughout

my career as a Flight Attendant of over 20 years and 12 years and counting as a

Travel Consultant. Time flies when you are having a great time doing what you


Travel brings meaningful connections to other cultures, places, and culinary

experiences. You can read about a place and imagine what it would be like, but

being there is when the light bulb gets brighter.

In 2018, I had the opportunity to lead a group to Peru for an Intentional

Transformational trip where we hiked the Inca Trail. That trip changed the way I

wanted to travel and how I want to curate trips for clients, by including more

meaningful, transformative, and intentional experiences.

My mountain top experience was just what I needed. It took me well beyond the

limits of who I thought I was. The AHA moments keep coming!

Come see the world with Us!


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