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I’m Teresa Tidwell-Smith the CEO of Meaningful Escapes Boutique Travel Agency, bringing over three decades of passion and experience to the world of curated luxury travel. Born in Washington DC and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, my journey in the travel industry began as a Flight Attendant, where I spent over 21 years immersing myself in diverse cultures and developing a deep appreciation for the transformative power of travel.

Transitioning from the skies to solid ground, I founded Meaningful Escapes Boutique Travel Agency, specializing in crafting luxury experiences infused with wellness, mindfulness, and spirituality. My agency stands out by offering journeys that are not just vacations but transformative experiences, reflecting my discerning eye for luxury and commitment to exceptional travel encounters.

My approach centers on wellness, mindfulness, and spirituality, ensuring each curated journey enriches and rejuvenates my clients. As CEO, I lead with a dedication to creating holistic travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

Come see the world with us,


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