Traveling in Style: What you Wear Matters!

Travel Etiquette

With over 21 years as a Flight Attendant starting my career with Piedmont Airlines and ending it with US Airways due to a merger in the late 80’s. I have seen the change in travel attire go through many phases. It was a time when people would dress their best to fly on an airplane because it was viewed as a luxury. After deregulation airfare became more affordable and rightfully so it supported my career and gave most a chance to experience air travel. That’s all good stuff!

Travel Attire can be chic, comfortable and keep you safe. Here are my top 5 travel attire items:

1. Breathable Fabrics: Cotton, Linen, or Wool are the safest fabrics and keep you comfortable as well. Loose fitting or just the right fit is best.

2. Choose something black…it barely shows a stain and looks chic all the time.

3. Layers. Layers, Layers…shirt, jacket, scarf, and wrap or sweater. All of theses are a must for ultimate comfort. But of course, not all at the same time. Lol

4. Comfortable Shoes: Airports are larger and getting larger. So comfortable shoes will help you get through with ease. Closed toe..Boots, sneakers, or other comfort shoe. I always carry a pair of slip- ons and extra socks for the flight.

5. Dressing for safety: You never know when you will experience turbulence and things start spilling from the beverage cart until it happens. Sleeves or something covering your arms come in handy.

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