#ME Solo Travel

Single travelers may include those that wish to arrange a custom trip and travel on their own, but most likely are those that wish to travel with others, as on a tour, package or cruise, and don't have a traveling companion to do it with.

Because hotel rooms and cruise staterooms are mostly designed to accommodate two paying persons, single travelers are often at the disadvantage of having to pay up to double the cost to occupy a two-person room on a single basis. Meaningful Escapes are a part of a number of companies, however, that provide options that are far less costly.

We can select tour options that will match up single travelers to share a room, while others will at times reduce their single supplements considerably to accommodate a growing number of single travelers. Cruise lines in recent years are also building some ships with single cabins, too, or will waive single supplement charges on select ocean and river cruises. 

Whether you wish to travel on your own or be part of a group, Meaningful Escapes

can help you find travel options to fit your needs. 

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