Losing My Sister And Gaining An Angel

I don’t think you are ever prepared to lose someone you love. My sister had been with me all my life; how do you say goodbye?

Ann was my best friend, confidant, cheerleader and my prayer partner. The bond we share has not been broken, we are just operating in different realms of life.

When I think about how much I miss her, my tears start to fall and the pain of not seeing her face or hearing her voice is upon me. I close my eyes and see her and hear her and thank God for such a precious gift.

She kept us all on our toes by being diligent and getting things done. If you needed encouragement she would give you words of wisdom and help you through the process. She did not have any doubt that things would work in your favor.

Ann loved to suggest strongly that I try different things:

One time she signed me up for the Miss Black Columbia pageant and forced me to go to the meetings and participate. That lasted about a month…. not wanting to disappoint her. I had to confess that being in a pageant was not for me. She understood, but never stop trying to put me in something.

When I was chosen to go to training to become a Flight Attendant. She was so excited…both of my sisters were…but Ann spoke up and said…Do not tell Momma

until 3 days before you need to leave.

My mother thought her girls should stay at home until marriage….so not ME.

One thing that sticks in my mind about my sister is that she was always prepared. I would tell her a project I was preparing to do in the next month or so, and if it sounded like something she wanted to do also; she would be me to the punch every time. It wasn’t competition…I figured I just had awesome ideas and planning skills…. we laughed about it often.

Mom, Myles, Ann, and Me

God showed me love, grace, patience, understanding, courage, and faith through Ann. She has completed her task on earth; but has left me with so much.

I know my Angel Ann is watching over me……

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